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Karen is a graduate of the Westchester Institute of Yoga, studied under Tao Porchon-Lynch and holds a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification from Yoga Alliance.   She received a Master’s Degree in Public Health Education with a specialization in Health Education and Nutrition from Southern Connecticut State University and serves as a board member of the Yoga Teacher’s Association of Westchester.

Karen believes yoga can be a catalyst for a fulfilling life.  Yoga allows one to remove obstacles from their path.  The uncluttered path leads to dream realization.

After more than 10 years of suffering from chronic pain, Karen began practicing yoga, and now enjoys a nearly pain free life.  Specializing in yoga for pain relief, sports specific yoga, Iyengar and Vinyasa, she currently leads private sessions across America and group classes at Breaking Ground Dance Center in Pleasantville, Riverstone Yoga in Tarrytown, Equinox Armonk, PFX in Pleasantville, Old Oaks Country Club, and Brae Burn Country Club.  She is the creator of ZenPump, Children: Natural Yogis Yoga Teachers Training, and Westchester’s Only Yoga for Golfers Series.

“Yoga has transformed into me a person who feels great and is ready to partake in all of life’s possibilities.  I am excited to share what I’ve learned with you.”


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Magic Calming Jar

calming jar 

Its the most magical time of year!  Parties, gifts, lights, family, indulgences and stimulation are all around.  Its hard to take a moment for yourself, but doing so will allow you to be even more present.  Here is a tool for all ages to help ground and calm us down in a nearly meditative way.  The reflective glitter creates light that can help us enjoy winter’s dark days a bit more.  Its a fun craft for kids and adults alike.

1 clear jar with a water tight lid

Clear glue

Glitter of different colors and sizes

Crazy Glue (optional)

Food coloring (optional)

Fill 1/3 of your jar with clear glue (more if you want the glitter to fall slower).  Add glitter.  The finer the glitter, the slower it will fall.  Fill jar to the top with warm/hot tap water.  Shake to test and adjust glitter and glue as necessary.  Add food coloring to tint the water if you’d like.  Adults can crazy glue lid shut if children will be using the jars.   Shake away.  If the glitter gets stuck at the bottom, you can place the jar in warm water to soften glue and shake again to dissolve glue.

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