Now is the perfect time to prepare your body and mind for the golf season. Your opponents will want to know your secret. Keep them guessing or tell them about Yoga for Golfers! No experience necessary, those new to yoga encouraged to participate.

How Yoga Will Benefit Your Golf Game?

Mental Benefits

Everyone knows that golf is an extremely mental game that can be improved if players disassociate from their mental stress. Once the mind chatter is quieted through yoga, golfers can approach each swing with more presence and awareness.

Physical Benefits

A strong, stable, fluidly moving body is more important to a golfer’s game than his brand of clubs. Asanas (yoga poses) will help identify and correct inevitable bodily imbalances, and cultivate strength and flexibility.

Bring Yoga For Golfers To Your Country Club

Current Clients include Longshore golf clubs, Brae Burn and Old Oaks Country Clubs and the Westchester Golf Show

Brae Burn Country Club
Old Oakes
Journal News Golf Show

Westchester’s Only Yoga for Golfer’s Series is also available via private session

The series was created and will be led by Karen Young.  Karen holds Registered Yoga Teacher Certification, a Master of Public Health Degree, received specialized training in Yoga for Athletes and has been studying the body mechanics and mental aspects of golf for five years.

If you have additional questions about the series, or would like book a private session, please contact Karen directly at or by phone at 347.225.3737.

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