Private Yoga

A private session is a one of a kind experience specific to your needs and goals.  Take your practice to new heights!

Personal Training

Stronger. Faster. Better. Leaner. Specializing in fat loss, sports conditioning, pain relief, and increasing mobility, I will craft a workout plan to help to help you meet your goals.  Be prepared to work hard, have fun, and feel ridiculously awesome about yourself.

Meditation Coaching

Meditation is a game changer!  I used to believe there was NO WAY I had time “to sit and do nothing” but meditating is more important for optimal performance than anything other activity.  Secondly, meditation has anti aging properties at the cellular level…your cells get YOUNGER with a regular meditation practice.   Most importantly, overall mindfulness and life satisfaction increases so that you reach your fullest potential day to day, month to month, year to year.  Imagine how you’d feel without the  veils of tension and distraction in your way!  I can offer you guided meditations specific to your current needs or show you multiple techniques so you can find your favorite to employ on your own as needed.

Assisted Stretch Therapy

Everybody loves this!  You get to recline on a yoga mat wearing stretchy comfortable clothing while I use percussive therapy and active release technique to open your tight muscle/fascia and release knots.  After an assisted stretch therapy session, you’ll physically feel as if you’ve had a deep yoga practice… muscle tension will have diminished, you’ll have increased range of motion and musculoskeletal pain will be lessened or released entirely.  You are welcome to add stretch therapy to any of the above offerings.

Nutrition Coaching

Only for the truly committed!  Warning: we need to get out of our comfort zone to create true and sustainable change.  If you want help to get rid of fat forever, and are ready to make significant changes in your patterns, I want you as a client.


•   No one goes hungry, you’ll be eating at least five meals a day consisting of nutrient dense whole foods

•   You need to forget about everything you’ve tried before if your efforts haven’t been successful

•   Once a week you will have one Enrichment Meal consisting of anything you want.

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