5 Reasons Your Boss Wants You to do Yoga

Does your back hurt? Are you stressed?  Are you having difficulty getting the job done?  Good news…you can solve these problems with YOGA!

  1. Stress reduction:  I’m sure you aren’t surprised to hear that yoga reduces stress.  Stress causes many major chronic diseases and missed workdays.
  2. Postural Perfection:  Many office workers have poor posture.  Poor posture constricts breath and digestion, leading to lethargy, and in worst cases, injury.   Yoga teaches body awareness and mindfulness which are the foundation for changing posture.  Standing desks are not necessarily the solution… people who stand with poor posture are just as vulnerable as those who sit with poor posture.
  3. Increased Energy through Release of Muscle Tension:  Buh bye afternoon slump!  Tense muscles take away energy.   Think of using a weight to perform a bicep curl, the tension the weight puts in the bicep takes up energy.  Having tight muscles is like holding a weight all day.  A simple yoga practice releases tight muscles.
  4. Reduction of Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain:  As a former chronic pain sufferer, I know how hard it is to work while experiencing pain. About 80% of my clients come to me with some sort of pain.  All, yes all, of them say yoga has provided pain relief after one month of consistent practice, and some after have cleared pain within the first few moments of the first session.  Chronic pain can feel like a trap, know that YOU have the power to fix yourself.
  5. Increased focus and productivity:  Yoga helps foster focus which will help you get the job done, completely and correctly, without giving into distractions.

Want to bring yoga to your office?  I’m ready for you! I proudly lead in office yoga sessions at  some of Westchester’s most successful businesses (Leros Point to Point, DLC Property Management and Taro Pharmaceuticals).

Read on:

Aetna reduced its health care costs by 7% after adopting a wellness program including yoga and meditation.  Aetna’s CEO reports that in office wellness programs boost the bottom line.

Here’s a Occupational Medical Journal that gives you all the science behind the stats.

New York Post explains the benefits of in office yoga classes and information on yoga and productivity.

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