Spa Night Sugar Scrub…Treat Yo’ Self

Did you run crazy distances?  Wear your highest heels?  Drop the heaviest kettle bell on your toe?  Keyboard like crazy?  I’m guilty of all those this week.  Take a moment to thank your feet and hands for all they do for you with this sugar scrub.  Dudes, you need this too, but feel free to make it for your ladies as a loving gift and steal some for yourself.  My girls are especially loving a lavender orange foot scrub before bed these days. Looking to lose fat?  I’m constantly encouraging my nutrition coaching clients to find non-nutritive ways to treat themselves, and this multi sensory treat is perfect!



Oil, enough to achieve desired consistency, slushy consistency feels best to me.  Grapeseed and olive oil work great. Here I used a rich, cold pressed olive oil to achieve a lemony color.

Your favorite essential oils.  Add just enough to please you and feel free to blend. I used lemon and lavender.  If you use food grade oils (they will have a nutrition label) you can also use (gently) as a lip scrub.


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