How to look FREAKIN’ AWESOME in your swimsuit

How to look FREAKIN’ AWESOME in your swimsuit

Old way to prep for swimsuit season: Starving yourself, bingeing on workouts, and/or other activities that treat the external body as separate from the rest of your being.

New way to prep for swimsuit season: Holistically work to love and accept yourself first, then make healthy lifestyle changes that support this way of thinking.  Go after change knowing that consistency, determination, grit, and love are required for lasting, drama-free results.  Accept your current state and walk tall…be proud!

  1.  Put on your bathing suit.
  2.  Stand in front of a mirror in a well lit room.  Say, OUT LOUD, “I love and appreciate this body which will carry me through every day of this life.”
  3.  Observe the parts of your external self that you love.  Some of you will tell me that you dislike the entire view, in which case keep looking for goodness, even if its just your collarbones.
  4.  Analyze and reframe “imperfections.”  Why do you look the way you do?  Can you find compassion for yourself? Maybe your body of evidence indicates:

-You constantly put other’s needs before your own (you haven’t worked out, you ate off your children’s plates when they were finished, etc. because you were busy caring for others or exhausted from work), so feel fortunate you have people you love THAT MUCH in your life.  What a gift!

-You love food! Think of meals shared with good friends and family.

-Are some of the parts you don’t like actually genetic traits passed down from your parents and grandparents? It makes the legacy of squinty eyes, broad thighs, etc. a lot easier to accept right?

-You had babies.  I’m absolutely positive you don’t regret that.

5.  Know that you can successfully change much of your body for good by acting through a super strong foundation of self love.  Instead of treating your external body like a piece of wrapping paper, know that the body is a sacred vehicle, your soul’s house, and you will begin to deservedly honor your whole being.  Mindless eating halts, family food traditions that makes you feel sick will stop, exercise becomes a priority and you’ll be more effective at work.  As you feel better about yourself, personal relationships change for the better.  You will set boundaries where necessary and you will effortlessly attract more positive people into your life.

6.  Repeat the process as often as needed.  Changing your mind about yourself is a practice that requires consistent effort. REMEMBER: YOU ARE WORTH IT!

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