Failing to Succeed

Six years ago this week I launched a vegan cupcake business to fund my yoga teacher training.  I loved the duality of yoga and baking, it seemed like the perfect thing, I could be a stay at home mom and gain income by baking after the girls went to bed.  I had a tight business plan, an ever expanding client list gained by marketing at every opportunity, and loads of energy and enthusiasm to make it work. I had plans to rent commercial space and start pop up shops at local merchants.  And then…the warm weather hit.  The main ingredient in the frosting was coconut oil, which is solid at 70 degrees and an absolute liquid dripping mess at 75 degrees.

I considered altering the recipe but the quality would have declined.  I knew I was beat.  Enter pubic failure, my kryptonite!  I felt like a loser and wished I hadn’t told everyone in town about this cupcake venture.  Luckily, I bankrolled enough for training and got yoga jobs quicker than everyone promised me I would.

Yoga got me used to the try-fail-repeat cycle on and off my yoga mat.  Over time, I began to get more pleasure in the process of acts rather than being attached to outcomes.  I became happier, less anxious and more willing than ever to accept new challenges.  Now, I get to see the same thing happening for the people who come to class.  We fear, fall and fail together but find the grit to keep attempting.  There is no such thing as failure after all.

I’ve got some wonderful news I’ll be sharing in the coming months, but for now, know that I am thankful beyond words to have you as my clients/muses/students.   You inspire me daily!

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