superfood slaw

Just in time for your next BBQ!  I’m psyched to present a ridiculously yummy summer salad, one big mashup of radically dense nutrition. Jam packed with antioxidants, phytochemicals and healthy fat, its sure to smack down anything that dares to ail you.

2 bunches organic kale, stems removed (reserve for juicing)

Juice of 2 organic lemons

1/4 cup coconut oil

1 TB acai powder (keep reading cupcake, you can get it at any good health food store, Amazon, or Vitacost)

1/4 cup goji berries, chopped

Unsweetened flaked coconut

Salt to taste

Chopped almonds for garnishing

Shred kale, add lemon juice and massage in. Melt coconut oil, mix in acai powder and salt and mix into salad. Stir in goji berries, coconut and salt and topped with chopped almonds.  Let rest in fridge for 1 to 24 hours before serving.

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