rev head to knee

My life has become so abundant lately, so many wonderful things are happening.  The Law of Attraction is in full effect, the earth rises up to meet each of my steps and magical dreams of mine are actually coming true.  I wake up everyday thinking about the fantastic things I get to do and the lovely people I get to see.  Sometimes though, all these awesome things stay on my mind when its time to relax.  I think, I plan, I come up with sequences, new recipes, new magical dreams, creative solutions to household issues, etc. when its time to turn those things off.  I’m excited and exhilarated, and I need my yoga more than ever!

One way to shut off the work is to shut off ambition and take stock, simply be.  Some people do this beautifully (my Pop was perfect at it).  If that’s you my lovely, lucky friend, you can stop reading here and rest our your peaceful laurels.  If you’re like me and get completely juiced about growing, read on.  Don’t deny your truth regarding ambitions: work hard, play hard, learn, grow, reach, strive.  But balance that truth with resting the same amount of importance on letting go.  Back off, meditate, nap, breathe deeply, ground down, hit the easy button.

The words of my beloved yoga teacher Tao Porchon-Lynch are true, “there is nothing you cannot do”.  That doesn’t mean we have to do everything all the time.  Together, let’s choose stillness and ease.  Let me know how you do!




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