loehmannsOn Tuesday, I found this in my purse.  Its an expired coupon from Loehmann’s, which went out of business in January!*  Having this in my bag is a waste of space, plus, it blocks my view of other items I actually need in there.

When teaching, I often talk about setting down what no longer serves us, so we can be our truest selves- utterly fabulous and amazing forces of nature!  What do you hold onto that no longer serves you? It could be something physical (like my Loehmann’s coupon) or it could be something on a deeper level in the body and mind.

Freeing ourselves from what doesn’t serve us creates feelings of abundance and allows us to take a clear inventory of what we have that is truly aligned with our missions. Try it!

*Not in Westchester and wondering what is Loehmann’s? It was a fabulous, first stop, discount designer clothing retailer.  Women throughout Westchester are still in mourning.

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