Hot, Rich, Healthy & Brilliant Training

footholdOne of the greatest things about my job is having the opportunity to connect with  about 200-300 people a week.  I hear the good, but also, the bad and the ugly. I’m surprised to hear that so many people feel bad about themselves: they feel they are too large, not rich enough, not good looking, somehow incapable of achieving their dreams, etc.  I’ve struggled too, but this sort of suffering is simply unnecessary and it is my pleasure to prove it to you here.  Take 10 of the longest, slowest, deepest inhales, and the most extended and complete exhales you possibly can.  There, things are looking up, aren’t they?!  What you are seeking is not so far beyond your reach.

Positive thinking is just like a muscle, with training, it will become more effective.  Here’s a simple technique: set your computer or phone alarm to go off 10-30 times throughout the day.  When the alarm goes off, remind yourself of something fabulous about your life and feel the energy of that positivity blast through your whole body, past your skin, encasing you in a glowing aura.  Instant superhero!  That good energy will grow larger, crowding out negative thinking.  You will find yourself making decisions that support building the life of your dreams. Try it, and let me know how it goes.  I can’t wait to hear about your success!

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