Piña Colada Kaleslaw

Break out your grass skirt!

You might know that I go coconuts for veggie slaws, and this is my new favorite.

This is a sturdy recipe that stands up well in warm weather and lasts 3 days tightly covered in the fridge.

2 bunches of kale, stems removed, shredded

2 carrots, shredded

3 Tablespoons coconut oil (warm to liquid if solid)

Juice of 2 limes or lemons

1/4 cup-1/3 cup freshly pressed pineapple juice (or use bottled)

Salt to taste

Optional garnishes: unsweetened coconut flakes, chopped dried mangoes, chopped dried pineapple, cashews, etc.

Place veggies in bowl.  Make dressing.  Mix well. Garnish if you’re feeling fancy.

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