Do you have a sweet tooth?  How does that ice cream in the freezer have such power over you?  It beckons you, serenades you and promises you pleasure.  Surrender to a big bowl of it, and then what happens?  You feel like a weak, bloated mess afterwards, and do the shuffle of shame to the sink to destroy the evidence of your poor choice.

Enter taste acuity.  Taste acuity is your palate’s perception, if you are used to eating sugary foods you will continue to seek sugary foods BUT if you break your sugar addiction your body will no longer crave it and natural foods will be more satisfying.  Sugar causes inflammation which can lead to a whole host of problems including our nation’s top killers: Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, and Diabetes.  Sugar is also a troublemaker for those suffering from anxiety, skin issues, chronic pain and excess weight (I had all 4 prior to avoiding sugar). Read labels, and you’ll see its in nearly everything.  Make it easy on yourself, simply choose fresh foods instead.

Try it!  Your body is too hot to put up with sugar’s nonsense.  Commit to eliminating all sugar for 2 weeks, watch your energy and mood soar, see your stomach flatten, and notice what happens to your taste buds.  A peach will send you into ecstasy, lemon water will give you all over goosebumps, and steamed squash will give you deep satisfaction.  Have a (tiny) bite of ice cream and it will taste like the slick, cheap, empty promise-filled, dump-worthy disaster that it really is!    Here’s a cool replacement when the ice cream itch kicks in:

Chocolate Ice Cream for Your HOT Body

1 ripe frozen banana (peel it before freezing)

2 Tablespoons of the BEST Cocoa Powder (I like Saco Brand or Valrhona)

Splash of Coconut Milk or other milk

1-2 drops of best quality pure vanilla flavoring

Place all ingredients in blender.  Depending upon how studly your blender is, you may have to let the banana thaw at room temp for 10 mins or add more milk.


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